Boost Your Productivity and Safety with Indoor Tracking.

Accurate and versatile.

 The ultimate real-time location system to transform your business operations.

Ultra-Wideband Technology

Locus is the manufacturer of indoor tracking system for localizing people, assets & vehicles.

⭐ 30X more accurate compared to traditional positioning systems like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, RFID or GPS

Manufactured for the most demanding industrial environments, the Locus RTLS solution is robust, built to perform and user friendly.

⭐ Unmatched accuracy. Efficient. Simple.

Industrial Hardware

Locus UWB Anchors and Tags

Rugged and optimized for demanding industrial environments

User friendly – easy to install – extensive documentation

Unlimited scalability in terms of tracking area and tracked devices
SaaS Software Suite

Locus 3D RTLS Software

Superior 3D positioning technique for industry leading 10cm precise positioning

Easy to integrate – standard API and broad offering of API integration & protocols

Perform powerful analytics & insights with Locus Analytics and Trigger location-based events

“The Locus RTLS offers truly full-stack tracking service with unprecedented accuracy and reliability for our industrial and warehouse clients”
Dr.John Zhao
Founder - FiduciaEdge Technologies

“Locus low latency and high speed tracking mode is just what is needed for indoor drone navigation and way finding.”

Ian Hsu
CEO, Earthbook

"The AGV and AMR technology is finally meeting safety standards, thanks to anti-collision solution by Locus UWB team"

Dr. Chang
Witness Locus RTLS live demo.
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